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The best way to protect your computer's content is to make a backup and store it away from your hard drive. And the easiest, fastest way to do this is to save the backup to the cloud, which is exactly what avast! BackUp does.

Once you've installed the program, it will analyze the information in your My Documents folder and ask for permission to start the backup. Of course, you can choose just what is included in the copy by adding or removing folders. When you've got everything all set, the backup will be made (which may take several hours.)

However, once you've made that first backup, subsequent copies will only take a few minutes, because the program will detect any changes made to the folders you chose, and only update those that require it.

Your files will be well-protected in the cloud thanks to Blowfish 448-bit encryption technology, which guarantees maximum security and privacy for your backups.

avast! BackUp is a useful data-protection tool. It comes with a simple interface, quality features, and the security signaled by a brand like Avast!.

30-day trial.

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